Making a cleaner world and better living environment means awareness and not looking the other way !


As a full daughter of SHS Solar Solutions our mission is contributing to a cleaner world, a better living environment for our children and cleaner air.

It all starts with ourselves, producing clean energy, using cleaner cars and waste less.

SHS Solar Solutions wants to help save our customers money on their energy bills.

SHS-ELECTRIC can do this by installing a smart charger to optimize the efficiency of your Solar PV system.

Our different divisions to contribute to this mission are:

SHS Solar Solutions
For all your Sustainable Solutions

The Cheapest 6Panel Solar PV systems in Algarve !

SHS ThermoDynamic
The Cheapest way to heat your Domestic Hot Water, House Heating and Pool Heating

SHS Infrared Heating Panels
very healthy and 50% lower electricity then conventional heaters

SHS Air Conditioner
WITHOUT OUTSIDE UNIT runs variable to max. 720w/h only with the latest Inverter technology

For your Hybrid and Electric Smart Car Charging

See our SHS-ELECTRIC Smart Charger