SHS-ELECTRIC in combination with Solar PV

Using Solar PV production to charge your Home and Car to make it even more efficient!


Although very efficient, any Electric car still needs charging, which costs electricity.

Your own Solar PV system
SHS Solar Solutions can also install your Solar PV system.
This way you can cover your running costs, larger consumption and your electric car.

Small 6Panel Solar PV Systems
Our SOLAR BASIC concept offers the cheapest 6panel Solar PV systems in Algarve !
This will cover your running costs of for example a Pool Pump, fridges and freezers, easily saving you 750 - 900 per year !

Larger Solar PV Systems
Our larger SHS Solar Solutions "FeedIN" systems only produce during daytime, cutting more costs but keeps the investment lower because they do not need batteries.

Solar PV Battery Systems
For larger consumption our SHS Solar Solutions "Battery" systems will produce enough to also store into LI-ION batteries (with 10 year warranty !) for night consumption.